Companía ¡Enhorabuena! is a company founded by directors                           and                         that transforms original musical performances, not usually written for the stage, and performs them  in conventional and unconventional sets, with repertories from different historical periods, creating new dramaturgies. Its research is orientated towards the expressive power of the words in relation to the music and bodies in sets.  
Its also develops a pedagogical project. What they propose as teachers is to achieve, through vocal and acting training, the development of technical and interpretative skills, so as to enhance the expressiveness of singers, musicians and actors as the main goal.
The aim is to think about singing in an integral way without separating physical and psychic relationship in order to generate concerts in a space that makes sense and gives meaning to what is meant to be said.

Compañía ¡Enhorabuena! has a long trajectory with several works that stand out like  Die schöne Müllerin ( The beautiful Miller) by Schubert, Dichterliebe (A Poet's Love) by Schumann, La Sete di Cristo (The Christ's thirst) by Pasquini,  Non ti scordar di me (Don't forget me) about popular italian songs, and Carissimi, territory of sacrifice (scenic version of Jonas and Jephte oratories) by Carissimi. All of them recognized by the public and the press.

They have performed at such notable theaters as the CCK in Buenos Aires (Sala Argentina, Salón de Honor); the Teatro lírico from the Centro del Conocimiento in Posadas, Misiones; the Festival Julio cultural in Tucumán; the Biblioteca Nacional in Buenos Aires; Villa Ocampo (Victoria Ocampo house-museum), and the Teatro El Extranjero, amongst others.