Bea Odoriz

Dramatist, scenic director, acting teacher

 She studied acting with Norman Briski, Mariana Briski, Diego Starosta, between others. She took 

 classes from different symposias, among those that stand out: X international sesión from

the Ista " The Performer´s bios", direction Eugenio Barba (Copenhague, Denmark);

Víctor Varela (Cuba) From  the sensitive to the vital and Suspension body training;

Susana Rivero (Argentine) Dramatic use of the body and Creation of the character.

In dramaturgy she was formed with: Daniel Veronese, Alejandro Tantanian. She did an intense

seminar at the School of Letters of Madrid, with the teachers José Sanchís Sinesterra, Yolanda

Pallin and Juan Mayorga. In that city she participated in another seminar of the traduction

from narrative texts to dramatic texts from the literature of Julio Cortazar, dictated by Sinesterra.

She graduated from  the technique in dramaturgy at the of School of Dramatic Art

Buenos Aires, by Mauricio Kartun. Her last two theatrical texts were supervised by Ricardo Monti.

She graduated from the regie`s career at the institute of art  from the theater Colon

She served as a direction assistant in different proyects with directors like Norman Briski

and Mariana Birski and at the Cultural center San Martin.

As an actress she participated in different plays, in which some were directed by

Mariana Briski (“Punto y coma”, “Dentre casa”). Among her last acting Jobs, the one that stand

out are: “Arena, entre la carne y el hueso”, of her authorship, “Luisa” by Daniel Veronesse,

spectacle that was a part of the Alternative festival of Madrid, and the cicle Open scene from

house of the America in the same city. She was also a part of the play “Pais llamado Julio”,

made in the same house of the America in Madrid, with Cortazar`s texts that were adapted

by Sinesterra, within the framework of  Contemporaneous scene festival from said city.

As a dramatist she premiered "La Parte Pendiente" directed by her in the Camarín de las

Musas in 2005. She wrote "Caída Crónica", premiered also under her direction at the Teatro Del

Pueblo 2007. This work was awarded with the "Germán Rozenmacher" prize with the first mention,

and published in the framework of the Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires.

She premiered in 2009 "Ten Piedad de Mí" of her authorship and under her direction, in the

Centro Cultural de la Cooperación She premiered "Mariela" without her direction,

at the IFT theater in 2000 within the first cycle "Nueve". This work was edited by the Instituto

Nacional de Teatro.

She directed and wrote "La Piecita, tango en un acto". She was part of the cycle "Bestiario Grimm",

a project of ten authors-directors with Alejandro Tantanian's coordination, presenting a

musical work "El ir al encuentro" as an author-director at Centro Cultural Ricardo

Rojas 2006-2007. As a dramatist she wrote with Jorge Sánchez "Desierto Aire" premiered under the

direction of Sánchez in October 2009 in the Camarín de las Musas. She began as the director

of the piece "Yo, Renata" in the cycle "The wrath of God" in the C. C Rojas March 2010.

Bea directed the opera “Il maestro di musica” by Pergolesi; staging at the concert “Vespro della

Beata Virgine” by Claudio Monteverdi at the Teatro Colón; Semi-mounted of the “La Virtu degli

strali d’amore” opera by F. Cavalli, at the auditórium from the Llao-llao Hotel in the city of

Bariloche, musical direction of Gabriel Garrido. She also directed the opera “Dido and Eneas”

by Henry Purcell in Entre Rios. A proyect by the Antorchas Foundation. In the same year the

semi-mounted of the opera “Die Zauberflöte” by Mozart at the law School; she directed the

staging of the opera “Ifigenie en Tauride” by Gluck,  the opera “Castor et Pollux” by Rameau

under the musical direction of Marcelo Birman. Together with the same director she premiered

the opera “David et Jonathas” by Charpentier within the cycle Conciertos del mediodía del

Mozarteum at the Gran Rex theater and the cycle of El camino del Santo at the Museum of

decorative art.  She directed the opera “Amahl and the night visitors” by G. C. Menotti .

In 2010 She directed the cycle “Die schöne müllerin” by Schubert with her own staging and

interpreted by Pablo Pollitzer and Walter Ujaldón, in Buenos Aires (El extranjero theater),

in Posadas  ( Centro del Conocimiento), at the Biblioteca Nacional sponsosred by the Fundación

Szterenfeld  and in the festival Julio cultural from the province of Tucumán.

In the same year she premiered the opera produced in Misiones “La serva padrona” by Pergolesi,

at the Teatro del Centro del Conocimiento in the city of Posadas. She also inaugurated the Lyrical

Theater from the same place in july 2011 with the opera “Dido and Eneas” by Purcell. 

In 2012 she premiered “Arena, entre la carne y el hueso” theatrical work of her authorship

and under her direction in Patio de actores. In june 2012 together with the company ¡Enhorabuena!

 At Villa Ocampo (home of Victoria Ocampo) she staged the concert of "Dichterliebe" by Schumann.

That year she premiered “De tropos, noes y perros” texts by Oliverio Girondo and music of

A. Gerszenzon, at the Hasta Trilce theater. In 2013 she directed the staging and did the dramaturgy

of “Odio a mi familia” with musics from Luit, Espel, Torres, at the C.C Rojas. She directed

“Arena, entre la carne y el hueso”, opera version with her own script and music by A. Gerszenzon,

Hasta Trilce theater 2014. Produced by the “National University of the Arts, musical art

department, she directed “Il Vespro” by Monteverdi at the Empire theater, “Los amores en

tiempos de Monteverdi” (staged madrigals) Festival música barroca in Córdoba; the opera

“Cenicientaa!” by Marta Lambertini Teatro el Globo, Teatro Xirgu.

“Afuera llueve”, her last text supervised by Ricardo Moti and directed by her, was performed at

the Teatro Payró in 2015.

In 2016 directed the scene of “La sete di Cristo”, oratory by B. Paquini at the CCK. She did the stage

direction and dramaturgy of the show “Non ti scordar di me”, at the CCK.

She also premiered of the CCK the show “Carissimi, territory of sacrifice”, about the oratories

“Jepthe” and “Jonas” of said author, with the dramaturgy and scenic direction of herself and

musical direction by Pablo Pollitzer.

In 2017 she premiered of the CCK, her staging of the cycles “Opus 24” and “Fraenlieben und leben”

by Schumann with her own dramaturgy, together with the baritone Alejandro Gábor.

In 2018 she performed in Paris, within the cycle “Les Nocturnes du laud”. In 2017 in Bs As she

presentd “Le malade imaginaire” by Moliere with musical intermediates by Charpentier,

“Dido and Eneas” by Purcell, and “La scala di seta” by Rossini. In 2019 "Il matrimonio segreto di

Cimrrosa" all productions of the “National University of the Arts”    .

In 2018 she presented in Paris the work in progress of the play “Trois pas d’ici”, intercultural

project with her own dramaturgy and under her direction at Maison du Liban of

the Cité Universitaire.   

 In January 2019 he participated as a teacher and regie of the first opera camp of the Teatro Colón,

doing with the children scenes of Rossini's Cenerentola 

Bea Odóriz is a teacher at the “National University of the Arts” in Argentine having in charge of

the acting chairs of the music department and the chair of Concert staging, of her own creation.

She is currently the stage director of the opera company of the university.

In the Department of Audiovisual Arts of that university, the subject matter is Audiovisual

Language III. She taught several acting seminars for singers and instrumentalists (Manuel de

Falla Conservatory, Bariloche Musical Camp, City of Esquel, Choir of the Knowledge Center,

Maimónides University). She dictates dramaturgy for composers and dramaturgy of humor in

a particular way and acting training for singers.