Carissimi, territory of sacrifice

 Scenic version of  Jonas and Jephte

 This show connects the baroque oratories from Giacomo Carissimi, as a theatrical music show.

 Interpreted by eight singers, two dancers, six baroque instrumentalists with original instruments, and images in motion.

These baroque oratories aren’t typically brought to the stage.

We are interested in finding their theatrical sense through their representation on stage.

The staging has a large choreographic unfolding, created from the form in which the stories of the oratories are

organized. The singers are voices that are transformed into narrators, into characters from the story, into opinions

about what is being told.

This arranges actions and bodies in the space, highlighting their relationship with the world.

The audiovisual images frame this space, generating qualities and tensions that enhance the atmosphere

of the ancient story. Both the images and the costumes are of monochromatic tones, emphasizing timelessness.



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Singers:Carlos Ullán, tenor (Jonas and Jephte)  Selene Lara, soprano (daughter of Jephte and other characters)

Leonardo Fontana, bass (narrator- town-sailor)Griselda Adano, mezzo-soprano (narrator- town- sailor)

Tamara Odón, mezzo-soprano (narrator- town- sailor)Luis de Gyldenfeldt, baritone (narrator- town- sailor)

Anabella Petronsi, soprano (narrator- town- sailor) Darío Coletto, tenor (narrator- town- sailor)Dancers: Lis Tejón (town- sailor)

María Taglioni. (town- sailor) Instrumentalists:Marcelo Dutto (organ and clavichord) Miguel de Olaso (archlute and baroque

guitar)Alicia Morán (violinist)Valentina Guirigay (violinist)Guido Wardak (cello)Anderson Lima (laúd and guitar)

Photography: Alejandro Held Costumes: Mariela Daga Lightning design: Fabricio Ballarati.

Visual design and operation: Paula Pérez Ghiglia  assistance stage director:  and subtitles: Marina Mayo.

Musical assistant: Marcelo Dutto Choreography team: Lis tejón, María Tagloni, Marina Mayo, Bea Odoriz.

Scenic direction and choreographic ideas: Bea Odoriz. Music direction: Pablo Pollitzer