A Song Like Blown

Musical stage show, based on works by Swiss composers Othmar Shoeck and Émile Jaques- Dalcroze. J.W. Texts von Goethe, Otto J. Bierbaum and folk tales of the Magic Horn of Youth

     The compositions of both authors will be united in a contemporary show. Creating a single story between

     the pieces developed through a particular dramaturgy, which will be embodied in a time and a stage area.


  Through this musical theatrical tale, we will give count of the texts, the actions, the bodies, the silence, the music, the movement, the stage device in the room. Scenes of difficult classification step in these music pieces, located between reality and a dreamlike and magical world. 

Singer: Pablo Pollitzer, tenor. Dancer: Lis Tejón. Pianist: Pablo Cernik 

Photography: Alejandro Held Costumes: Mariela Daga

Lightning design: Fabricio Ballarati.Assistance stage director: Guadalupe Sánchez. Dramaturgy and Scenic direction:

Bea Odoriz.