Music by Schubert text by Wilheim Müller
"In harmony with one’s environment, in tune with the creator, sunk in the earth and in the water",
"The law is written in the heart of man".

The version offered is interpreted by a tenor

and by a romantic guitar

(a replica of Schubert's original,

with which he composed some

of the songs of the cycle) with dramatisation.

 To develop the material, we dive into the

romantic spirit, bringing here those precepts

and ways of seeing the world, with the synthesis and austerity that this age requires.

We dive through the subjectivity that

romanticism proposes, man alone in the

midst of nature, to acquire that special

sensitivity that crossed the spirit.


              The interlocutor of the Miller is the stream, who listens to him and in the end sings to him. The story is ambiguous.

             The miller feels and says. Feeling and singing. Building a lyric with pain, intrinsically related to nature.

             Water, earth, leaves, plants. Everything coexists in one’s space. Pain generates poetry.

            Words cause tragedy in the body. The tragedy in the flesh.

The miller always needs another. The miller sets words.

And he is trapped by a new desire in the new place.

An almost idyllic woman.

 Nature is not enough, but also words are confusing.

The words said have to be written.

The miller writes but neither proves to be enough.

Written papers are mixed with plants, and not enough.

He sows the like plants for them to grow and it’s not enough.

It destroys its natural environment and it’s not enough. He is disappointed by the language, the mill and nature. 

He is definitely alone. He lets himself die.

Singer: Pablo Pollitzer Romantic guitar: Walter Ujaldón Postcard drawn by: Madonna Mayfield

Lightning design:Fabricio Ballarati  Assistance stage director:: Lautaro Mackinze  Stage direction: Bea Odoriz