Non ti scordar di me

A visceral story. A desperate love, in pure italian passion.

Non ti scordar di me is a scenic musical show that narrates a love story through some of the

most beautiful popular Italian songs.

It is set in the mid-40s, and its aesthetic refers to Italian neo-realism, including all aspects of its expression.

     From a casual encounter in a public space, two ordinary people meet,

each with their own past. They share their need to not be alone, until this encounter becomes complex and tragic.













Their words are the songs that are intermingled, forming a continuous thread between them.

We use the physical space, creating the context of the situation. The characters move through the audience.

The musical performance of the pieces varies from duets and solos, to piano accompaniments, a capella,

or instrumental solos.                                 


She: Graciela Oddone, soprano.

He:  Pablo Pollitzer, tenor.

Piano:  Carlos Koffmann  

Photography: Alejandro Held

Costume designs: Mariela Daga

Assistance stage director:

Paula Pérez Ghiglia.

Dramaturgy and stage direction :

Bea Odoriz 


Premiered at the CCK on November

the 27thof 2016,

using historical furnishing of the

Argentine Post Office.