Non ti scordar di me

 Non ti scordar di me 

is a scenic musical

show that narrates

a love story through

some of the most

beautiful popular

italian songs.


A Song Like Blown

Musical stage show, based on works by Swiss composers Othmar Shoeck and Émile Jaques-Dalcroze. J.W. Texts von Goethe, Otto J. Bierbaum and folk tales of the Magic Horn of Youth

Carissimi, territory of sacrafice

Carissimi, territory of sacrifice

This show connects the baroque oratories of Jonas and Jephte from Giacomo Carissimi  as a theatrical music show.

La sete di Cristo_

La sete di Cristo

The spectacle is

formulated as a dramatised concert.Text, space, movements of the performers and light design, highlight the


Die schöne müllerin

Die shöne mullerin

The version offered is interpreted by a tenor and by a romantic guitar (a replica of Schubert's original, with which he composed some of the songs of the cycle) with dramatisation.


Three people on stage. He and she in their intimate spaces. The instrumentalist as a witness, listening and inducing them to express what they feel.